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JC life is insane for people who are not smart like me.A shower session everyday after school is the most enjoyable time for me,whereby I can sing and release stress,and nowadays I have the habit of playing badminton at night ,playing against the wall,bounce ,hit ,bounce ,hit,something that can make me happy.20 days left to promos,I'm fucking nervous,never have I ever been such in my entire life ,including O level,because this is simply my last chance ,for me to get promoted. This fucking thing haunt my mind fucking every single day. Out of all things,I'm most not confident about econs. Perhaps,much diligence is required for this subject,and there's a lot of content for Bio ,and chemistry i have yet to practice. 20 days,to turn the table around.I'm scared,really. Once I fail, I don't see much use of myself,and there goes my dreams and all the luxury i wanted,my parents did warn me,if i were to fail,then i'll be on my own,since i'm already above 18.
God please bless me while i work hard towards it.

Well I wanna talk about respect here.In YJC,surely,I'm consider one of the oldest. I'm someone that once I think i am close to you,I'll expose the extreme fucking crazy side of me. But apparently,or perhaps I understand , they will tend to forget this word call the 'respect',when I've been close to them and doing all sorts of crazy thing. Well,couldn't I expose my crazy side and still have the respect ? I can swear ,at least 99% of the time, I don't ask people to shut up,because I think its worse than saying 'fuck you'. And here,I have people younger than me telling me to shut up.Well, that's it. I then realize its the true friends that will buy my craziness ,and still have the respect for me. Then,I've learnt that I should just control myself ,and be serious,everyday in school. I think respect is something essential that keeps relationship and friendship worthwhile . Haha,what a realistic world.Well people,perhaps you wouldn't know how fucking fucked up it is to have someone younger than you disrespecting you,when you didn't even disrespect them.

Oh ,and that's it,I'm done dreaming about the person.I look at myself,don't tell me to be optimistic,its just fucking reality,that I'm just someone who don't ,and won't get into a relationship with someone I like. Perhaps I'm blessed in other ways that people don't get ,like family's wealth,and something like being a resident of 3 countries ,laugh out loud. Well, from now on, I should just not hit on anyone,and stop looking at girls,because there's no fucking point.I always lie to myself I must be career minded ,and not get distracted by girls,lol,but that has been a lie in my subconsciousness,that I'm trying to make myself feel better or at least,look less stupid,by not going for the impossibles.

Okay,i think that's all for today.
All the best, good night.


Lord'Os  12:01 AM


Press on ?

Well, JC life, who the fuck said it was nice ? I'm just kinda driven by the desire for money to work hard,really hard,but at the same time,I question myself:Where does my intelligence stand ? What is my capacity ?

Tests failed,assignment some failed some passed , never an A. Now,where does the problem lie ? I wished my poor performance was because I didn't pay attention in class,and didn't revise in a right way,instead of my low calibered brain.

GP is really bitchy.What the fuck primer,wasting the fuck out of my time squeezing all my brain juice thinking of something that doesn't help me to improve much.

And by the way,I'm fucking serious about my studies now.Whatever issues on friendship or girls and money just fuck off man.

Good night and TGIF mother fuckers ;)


Lord'Os  12:56 AM


Okay wow.It has been so fucking long since the last time I blogged . Yup 3 years have passed,and I'm in a Junior College re-doing my first year. Time passes so fast. I miss Bartley,the life there,and my friends and classmates who have gone overseas study mostly.

So I've finally moved out of the fucking hell Balestier Students' Hostel . Mixed feelings,happy and sad.Happy that there's no more curfew,people watching me 24 hours,can meet friends anytime I want etc . Still,I miss those days in the hostel and the people at Balestier Road,the shops,chicken rice,supermarket people.. but then,there's always something which you have to sacrifice for a change,may it be a good or bad one.7 years in the hostel,up and downs,indeed full of unforgettable memories.

Honestly speaking,don't really like staying in these HDB flats and things so screwed within the house,eg. microwave fucking dirty,cannot use the stove to cook etc.. but still,gotta adapt.

These 3 years,life's been really tough,and sucks,but thanks to all my friends who are always supporting me.Really, friends who have fun with me together,jio me here and there ,providing a listening ear,accompanying me this and that,I really appreciate that.Thank you very much,I won't forget you in the future when I become successful in my life.

Just to let you guys have a better idea about me.You hardly see me serious.But when I am,I really am.Don't fucking test my patience by disrespecting me.I have zero tolerance to people who don't respect me.No one is perfect,so am I. I guess my use of vulgarities are absolutely excessive , also a fucking dirty minded / horny person (trying to control though), sometimes selfish when coming to money matters,sometimes make use of people. But one thing for sure, I treat the way people treat me.I'm someone who 's fucking particular about friends.I'll fucking compromise everytime when there's misunderstanding /argument.However,sometimes I do get sick of it.This reminds me of something happened 2 months ago.Need not mention,those who're close to me should know.Whether I'm guilty or not,people can see.But well,no point keeping people who don't seem to be interested to interact with me.

Expectation either makes you happy or disappointed.And what I've learnt over these years is that,perhaps just stop fucking having expectation if disappointment is gonna mindfuck me day and night.

One last thing,life's full of up and downs.It is the little little moment of joy,sadness,stress,relief,that adds colours to our lives.Don't compare your life with others,make it a way that you are happy with your current life.This is your life,and I see no point living other people's lives ? Everyone has their own difficulties.Rich and poor,smart and stupid,there's confirm some factors which make your life not easy. You can never compare finish,and you might just die unsatisfied one day.Life's too short for all these.Alright,people,no matter how tough life can be,don't give up,move on Sadness doesn't last forever,for the rain doesn't last eternally (i have not even seen a rain that last 24 hours).Friends and maybe families are always there to support you.

JC 2 friends,it's time to wake up,get the fuck out of your comfort zone,and start mug like there's no tomorrow,A level is so near I'm not the one taking the exam and I can still sense the urgency.Stop giving yourself all kinds of excuses to procrastinate .Losers/failures,are the ones with tons and tons of excuses. 

Okay,shall carry on with my never ending tons of work and revision.Cheers people ,life's cool ;) Jia you!


Lord'Os  10:49 PM


Hey people!It's been very _______________________________ since I blogged previously.Right now my ass is set in HK..having some sort of crazy tuition programme EVERYDAY! Monday to friday:English 10 - 12am Maths,Physics,Chemistry 1.30 - 4.30pm
and then Saturday M,P,C 4.30- 7.30pm...Sunday M,P,C 1.30-4.30.Thanks to my CONSIDERATE mother who thinks that people like me who failed 4 subjects among 8 subjects should study and have tution during the holidays like mad in order to compensate my brain??haha..hope it works though..well,still the same,my dogs bark at me whenever I am at home because we've long time no see !!! (they actually forget who the hell I am==") it why they bark at me? And I seriously....left with 0% interest in band cpmpared to sec 1 when i have 150% interest in the band...right now i'm think whether to quit or not..oh ya..and dont try to think of ideas how to force me to go back to band when i ponteng because I cant be fucked up?:D Try and do something to me,and We make sure you live a fucking PEACE LIFE :D
Ohya and people,if you are coming to HK for holiday please tell me because I'm very bored over here:D Don't worry i will bring u to around to have fun over here...
Computer KNS! Audio system damaged.So the computer is now a DUMB!To me ,with out sound from the computer I could make very little use of it???
Cousin's wedding on 20.will be in malaysia from 18 - 21.
and tell you a secret:I failed Physics,Chemistry,E.Maths ans English :D
That's all for today
The assembly is adjourned.


Lord'Os  6:06 PM


hi every body!
today is a boring day...
still looking for bandmates..
hope i could find soon..
see ya!


Lord'Os  10:19 PM


foo !foo ! so many dust in my blog man...haha
alright!i'm back to blogging!
i'm now in HK.Get into the class of 3E1 which i dun think the standard is good compared the previous ones,anyway,just live into it.
Erm,kinda bored overhere...composing music all the time...still looking for people to form a new band...waiting for my friends who gone overseas to come back and hang
ok...thats all for today.
Assembly dismiss.


Lord'Os  6:09 PM


Back to blogging people...
haha my blog like half-dead already..
but somehow i made it alive again =]
I'm in HK currently...
things gone case-.- hp dropped into water,sim card lost,worst still,
my two GUITAR BROKEN when transporting from S'pore to HK...
BLoody hell-.-
nevermind...old things gone new things come :)
see ya!


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